Grand Prix Training Area

Alder Lane Farm is committed to meeting the needs of the elite athlete.

In the fall of 2013 we installed competition quality GGT footing in all three arenas. Our Grand Prix arena is second to none with over 49,000 sq ft., providing riders and their equine partners an environment equal to the finest show grounds. The Indoor arena is fully enclosed, allowing riders to enjoy undisrupted work regardless of weather conditions. Our Hunter Arena is well appointed and generous in size.

Hunter Area

The horses enjoy oversized stalls (12' x 17') with cushioned mats and walkouts. Each horse has access to generous turnouts, grazing fields and our Eurocozer.  A trot path surrounds the spacious and beautifully maintained facility. Our expert staff provides the highest quality care with attention to every detail and each horse.    

Whether your goals are at the Regional, National or International level, our experienced team has the skill, knowledge and qualifications to help you achieve those goals. We encourage a supportive community at the farm and provide an environment that inspires and supports each partnership.