Raymond Texel  
Raymond Texel
Raymond Texel

Ray Texel’s success in the arena started at a young age. At 14 Ray won the 1987 AHSA Pony Equitation Finals and in1989 became one of a select few to win the nation’s two most prestigious equitation national championships, the AHSA Medal Final and the ASPCA Maclay Finals. He was one of the youngest riders, second only to George Morris, to win both national junior championships. As a result of his success he was named ASHA’s junior equestrian of the year for 1990.

Following his success as a Junior Ray worked as the Assistant Trainer to George Morris for five years, at 17 Ray was named to the USET competing Internationally in 1991. Ray has held various positions as Head Trainer / Rider where responsibilities included the development of large strings of riders and horses on an International level and for Olympic games. Ray has distinguished himself with a number of prestigious Domestic and International wins on mounts such as Fleur, Kismit, Pershing and Lexicon to name a few.

A sought-after coach and trainer, Ray offers his intricate knowledge of the sport in various volunteer capacities including his role as Chair of the Selection Committee for the 2004 Olympic Show Jumping Team, Selector for the 2010 World Championship US Equestrian Team and various committee roles with the former ASHA and current USEF.

Ray has chosen Northern California as the ideal location to set roots, raise his children and train horses and riders for International competition.

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Ray on horse
Ray on Fleur
Ray pictured here with close friend Meredith Michaels Beerbaum at 2012 Olympic Trials
Ray with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, 2012 Olympic Trials